Religious Tourism and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development at Kartarpur Corridor, Punjab-Pakistan


  • Dr. Maseeh Ullah Bacha FUSST



Guru Nanak Sahib, Kartarpur, Religious tourism, visitor’s perceptions, Entrepreneurial activities


Pakistan is a country extravagantly blessed by Almighty Allah with variety of different industries that mainly include agriculture, and textile. However, one industry that remains undiscovered but well prospering and flourishing is that of Religious Tourism. Pakistan is a diverse country with different ethnicities, and one significant aspect of its religious tourism industry is the Kartarpur corridor, a renowned site among Sikh aficionados. This visa-free corridor is a great site for religious tourism and contributes to the growth of the tourism industry, which has substantial economic potential in Pakistan. The present study aims to explore the importance of the Kartarpur corridor, which is a groundbreaking development for the Sikhs. The corridor has historical and religious significance as it was where the Guru of monotheistic religion known as Sikhism, Nanak Sahib, spent the last 18 years of his life from 1522 to 1539 and passed away at the age of 69. The photogenic and prepossessing site of Kartarpur attracts tourists from all over the world, generating revenue for Pakistan through religious tourism. Entrepreneurial activities are encouraged by religious tourism in various ways, such as promoting the growth of local businesses like small barber shops, massage therapy spas, cafés, and fashion boutiques. The primary survey conducted for this empirical research, with a sample size of 350 questionnaires from tourists, entrepreneurs, and management surrounding Guru Nanak Sahib, shows the relationship between followers of Guru Nanak and the promotion of entrepreneurial activities. The perceptions of tourists and local businesses at Kartarpur about the welfare and wellbeing, protection and security, soundness, reliability, and sanctuaries for tourists demonstrate their positive perceptions about religious tourism. The determination and verdict of the study indicate that the religious site of Kartarpur in Pakistan can play a significant role in promoting economic growth and painting a peaceful picture through the increased arrival of international and local tourists.




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Bacha, D. M. U. (2024). Religious Tourism and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development at Kartarpur Corridor, Punjab-Pakistan. Journal of Business & Tourism, 9(02), 56–75.